"Pilot" is the pilot episode of Ethan and Dylan. It was uploaded on May 27th 2013, a whole year before the show premiered (and it hasn't premiered just yet). 

Time machine 0004
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Release date May 27, 2013
Length 1:25
Note(s) N/A
Credits Ethan the Dude (writer)
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The episode starts with Ethan pressing a button that transports him and Dylan back in time. They become pixelated as if they were in a retro video game. They stay like this until the episode ends. The episode ends with "A Level Complete" card with "The Boss defeat" tune from Super Mario Bros. 3 playing in the background. 


  • Ethan is the first character to appear on the show, since he was the first one to appear in the theme song.
  • The creator of the show Ethan stated, "It was the fastest episode I ever made. I finished it in 3 hours." This was the first and only episode made in the shortest amount of time.